Africa Inclusion Awards

Africa Inclusion Awards, AIA by Salt House is a unique opportunity to celebrate and promote inclusion, entrepreneurship, and development in Africa. We are calling on you to join us as we plan toward our first edition of the awards.

Are you ready to join us as we celebrate inclusion, promote inclusive governance and development, and drive sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa?

From SALT HOUSE, We are kicking off our first-ever Africa Inclusion Awards (AIA), and we want you to be a part of it. AIA is a celebration of all that is possible when we come together to foster diversity in leadership, entrepreneurialism, and community development.

This year’s AIA will be held in a city with a rich history of inclusion and diversity, making it the perfect place for us to kick off this exciting event!

Our goal is to promote and celebrate inclusion in Africa by recognizing the work of individuals, organizations, and communities that are making an impact on the continent through innovative solutions to problems such as poverty, disease, and unemployment.


We are looking for sponsors, partners, and supporters who will help us make this a memorable event. This event will be a platform where stakeholders from all over Africa will come together and share their experiences, best practices, and challenges. We believe that this event will be an opportunity to showcase the diversity of products and services to support inclusive growth in Africa.

We look forward to having you onboard with us as we plan for this milestone event!

You can contact us for partnership and sponsorship.