Our Impact

We are intentional and committed to inclusion in governance and sustainable development in Africa.


We provide credible data on human development and value creation ratios in Africa through our periodic field research. We also provide carefully analysed recommendation on strategies for engaging specific target groups. These are communicated in monthly reports through our online and offline channels.

Inclusive Economic Growth

Leveraging insights gained from the research team, we design best-fit intervention programmes and community development with measurable outcomes for specific target groups.


Our mission is to ensure every African is provided with opportunities to develop their human capital and deploy value irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity and location on the continent. We make this possible by identifying the marginalised, their needs, and further building the bridge connecting them with opportunities.


Over the years, marginalised groups, societies and communities have been deprived of a platform to clamour for the change they desire. Our core objective is to amplify these needs and challenges, engaging other stakeholders in the society to facilitate the necessary changes.