Write for Change

In Africa, we are faced with a multitude of challenges. Some of these challenges include governance, sustainable development, and poverty eradication. As we move forward in building a better world for ourselves and for future generations, it is important to understand that we can all contribute to this change.

Salt House Write For Change is an initiative for creatives to communicate their ideas for governance and sustainable development in Africa. We believe we can communicate the change we desire through written words. Write For Change is aimed at creating a platform for development practitioners, social leaders, researchers and innovators to communicate their ideas, concerns, and most importantly, possibilities for Africa’s development.

As a volunteer, you can join this challenge and add your voice to the change we desire to see in our society. Articles are featured and promoted across our communication channels —Website, Monthly Reports & Social Media.

We advise that your submissions are:

  1. Engaging, Insightful, and True.
  2. Well-written, Well-argued.
  3. Aimed at an intelligent reader.
  4. Written for a web environment.
  5. Backed up with specific examples.
  6. Approximately 500-1,500 words in length.

A call to express the change you desire, Do you love writing and seek a platform to do so? Do you want to express your opinions on matters affecting your community, Nigeria, and Africa in the diaspora?

Then, ‘Write for Change’ is the platform for you – it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to disregard. Nigeria is counting on you.

To apply. follow the link below or fill out the form in the next section.

It takes a collective effort to build Africa, so let’s start by telling the right stories for the right conversations.