Development Is
not Sustainable Without Inclusion.

We’re on a mission to ensure no African is left behind.

Development Is
not Sustainable
Without Inclusion.
We’re on a mission to ensure no African is left behind.
About Us
We Research-Report-Dialogue-Advocate for Inclusive Development.
We engage development stakeholders in monitoring inclusiveness
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Our mission is to collaborate with African governments and multilateral organizations to ensure every stratum of society is carried along in terms of governance and development.

What We Do

Inspired by the need to secure the future of every African in Africa irrespective of gender, ethnicity, location and socioeconomic backgrounds, we take pride in leveraging the RESEARCH-REPORT-DIALOGUE-ADVOCATE model to assess development, engage public opinions, as well as communicate public policy formulation, and how it impacts different level of society.


We Simultaneously track and study development indices across different regions on the continent.


We organize exclusive events hosting community leaders, social innovators and the general public to discuss challenges faced by their community


Our research teams across our operating regions organize periodic town hall meetings in rural communities to engage members in their development

Featured Project

A Case Study of Emere OKe Community, Akwa Ibom

 According to a Salt House report, 71% of women in rural communities are breadwinners, engaging in small-scale trade and earning insufficient to cater for their household amenities. The Business Drive for Her is an entrepreneurship project geared towards providing financial, technical and…

Africa Today

We're ensuring no African is left behind.

We envision a continent where every African is empowered with the freedom to create socioeconomic value irrespective of gender, ethnicity, location and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Our Impact

We are intentional and committed to inclusion in governance and sustainable development in Africa. As a result of our engagements, we provide key development stakeholders with:

Strong Institutions

We provide credible data on human development and value creation ratios in Africa through our periodic field research.

Inclusive Economic Growth

Leveraging insights gained from the research team, we design best-fit intervention programmes and community development with measurable outcomes for specific target groups.


Our mission is to ensure every African is provided with opportunities to develop their human capital and deploy value irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity and location on the continent.